Becoming involved with the Nature Center is guaranteed to enrich your life, stir your intellectual curiosity and encourage you to be creative and open to new challenges.

Like most non-profit nature centers around the country, Armand Bayou Nature Center could not accomplish its goals without the help of dedicated volunteers.  Our volunteers assist with nearly every aspect of operation, including maintaining buildings and grounds, natural resource preservation, outreach to the community, and delivering environmental programing to thousands of visitors.  Basic requirements for all our volunteers are a love of nature, dependability, and dedication.  Whether you have a lot of time or very little, we would love to find a way for you to make your mark at Armand Bayou Nature Center. 

The nature center offers group Volunteer Training Sessions twice a year, or start right away and receive personal guidance through our mentor program!

Get Involved - Become a Volunteer Today!

Contact Liz VanOrstrand, Volunteer Coordinator at or 713 274 2664 and she will be happy to further explain our volunteer opportunities, or you can complete the volunteer enrollment form  (Fillable on line) sign and drop it by the office today!  You may fill out the form online and print. For your privacy, the information is not stored nor transmitted over the internet.

You can learn more about how our great volunteers help out the Nature Center by visiting the Volunteer Website.

Individuals Volunteering

We invite you to join our family of over 200 volunteers.  Come see how we can enhance your interest in Nature, while you share our vision and our commitment to preserving wildlife habitats and educating the public.

VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENTS: A desire to learn, A love of nature, Dependability, Dedication

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: Weekday Education Guides, Weekend Education Guides, Natural Resource Preservation, Outreach to the Community, Building and Ground Maintenance, Special Events

Groups Volunteering

Special volunteer projects can be arranged for groups of volunteers. Projects may range from carpentry, painting, trail clean up, prairie restoration activities to administrative projects. Groups of volunteers may also help at special events.

Youth Volunteering

BNC welcomes teens between the ages of 14-17 who enjoy nature, like working with children and want to learn about the environment.  There are a variety of opportunities in which you can participate: i.e. aides with EcoCamps, The Martyn Farm Harvest Festival and other programs and events held at the nature center.   Please call for available opportunities. 

For EcoCamp Volunteers, there is a Required Teen Volunteer Training held during the first week of summer break. 

School Related Required Volunteering: Students need to fill out the Teen Volunteer Application and contact the Education Department for available opportunities. 

If you think this sounds like the place for you, please fill out the MANDATORY Teen Volunteer Application (be sure to include your email address) and return it to Heather at  Any questions about youth volunteering please email Heather or you can call her at 713 274 2667